The Doctrine Dog Doctor

Mon, 11/16/2015 - 01:07 -- syllhet

Yeah, let it be they say

But nah, what’s the point of it?

When life isn’t rife with objectives


You got to hand it to them, what’s life without discipline?

The doctor, the preacher, heck, even the imam’s here

The doctor of medicine and their PhDs who’s a holy preacher

A holy man in his regard, while he tends to the dogs near the hound house


Get a penthouse, get an enclosed space, you gotta live boy

Get yourself a doctrine, a dogmatic devotion to pragmatic values 

Preach what you teach while you’re medical school being a veterinary

A dogmatic approach to what you were taught, seek it, and you’ll find it


Right before the hound house, while the Imam’s nearby

Distinguishing the differences and getting the confusion cleared

You’re a preacher, a teacher, and a professional

A doctor who needs to show his brand of pragmatic philosophy

Sets of established principles, set it forth for your dynasty


Common work folks, common work yes

Ya teach the dogs back at the hound house pragmatism

Ya show them opportunism, ya show them that light

Ya show the doctrine of the labourers and sacred rituals of inviolable conduct


Preach what you teach and show that dogmatic devotion

You walkin’ medicine man in touch with those spirits

Tend to the doghouse and tend to their souls

Ya split what you get and share what ya need

For the hound house, for the dogs you care of

You’re veteran now for the veterinarians

Keep on getting those medics, get those medics together

Ya gotta keep on walking and show interests

While you preach your dogma of pragmatism


Preach the doctrine, be the doctor of dogs

Ya gotta split what you want, in order get what you need

That’s ya vet, it’s not time to scramble

As you gotta get rid of that rime


 But come now, that zeal isn’t going to last by itself

Rejuvenate, doctor of medicine while you talk to that imam

That imam knows not better, but knows more than what

Is needed, as ya walk a path to glory

You’re a vet, a preacher, and a teacher


Who knows the world

Through a pragmatic point of view

While keep on teaching while preaching

The values of realists and pragmatists 

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