The American dream

Dear mama,

I don’t understand how everything changes.All our friends have turned into strangersand we don't appreciate our neighborsThere is no pride in our labors,We just count the hours & get the paper.and destroying nature to build a houseJust to put animals in danger.people having sex with their spouse,There is no love making.because were living up to the American Dreams,no room to be ourselves when I was twelve they told me go tocollege and be a doctor.But now they tell me I have to be smarter?and when we get sad, we’re depressed.Come sit on this couch while I write a prescription causing your addiction, landing you on the street.You’re  an untouchable like the Indians,You can't even provide for your children,So you end up in prison.Thats the real American dream.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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