Never again


Never again will we see another day,

Since we all have to play the game,

To near waters filled with oil,

What has become of us when we all dry and boil?


Never again will we live to breathe,

we take it as nothing as if it were a mere seed,

take for granted and live in the dirt,

we finally deserve of that begins to hurt.


But can we open our eyes to peer afar,

to see the green and meadow far,

to gaze upon a clear blue sky,

than ghastly air to fill our lungs,

taking us all one by one.


Never again will i see,

how much this place means to me,

unless i forget the painful habits,

that drove me off my own status.


Never again will the sun rise,

filling the air with the warm bright sky,

laying in darkness as i sleep,

maybe tomorrow i will keep.

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