A Simple Species


We are mysterious creatures,

We laugh and play,

We fight and cry,

We are human.


Why do we feel pain?

Is it that which makes us human?


We are human not because we feel pain,

we are human because of how we get through it.

We are beautiful mistakes,

We make beautiful messes.


Though we live full lives,

we are left wanting.

Time stands still for no one,

though slows down for some moments.

We are beautiful creatures,

We are beautiful dreamers,

We are beautiful believers,

We are beautiful humans.


Some day we won't exist.

We don't know when,

We don't know how.

The only thing we do know,

is that we are afraid of everything ending.

When time stops for us,

never to start again.


We live life spending.

We live a guarded life.

We love each other,

We hate each other.


We are, 

the simple species.


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