Sometimes it is hard to explain to people what is going on in your head,

To put into words all of these thoughts that you typically dread.

Sometimes you realize that maybe it is better to not talk about them at all,

And to just sit there and let the feelings slowly fall.

Sitting there petting a dog is better than any medication that exsists,

Because they never try to turn away or resist.

They know how to comfort you without you having to say anything,

And you didn't know that adopting them would be the best thing.

As soon as they become a part of your family, they turn into your best friend

And it is an everlsating love, that you know will never come to an end.

They know how to make every moment better, without having anything to say,

They know how to do that, in their own special kind of way.

They do so much for us, without even needing to try,

And they love you unconditionally, without having a vaild reason why.

They are the best thing to come home to at the end of a long day,

And they know how to love you, and they know how to always make you feel okay. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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