Human Ignorance


Us humans; our mind: so strong, so alive,

Usurper of Nature, the law, to survive.

A hundred more years or a hundred more lives,

But what does it matter if humans still thrive?


Oh how the mourning dove sings its sad song,

Or perhaps how all the birds sing along.

They sing of a time before humans went wrong.

Those days are now over, they're all but long gone.


And the birds are all right in mourning their loss.

Humans think nature beaten, and now they are boss.

No longer they wait for the dice to be tossed.

The enemy vanquished, the war they thought crossed.


But power of knowledge and great common sense

Are only a strand, but a part of the rest.

And Nature is strong, will soon us she best?


The war is not over. Nature's reign may commence.


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