The Wolf and the Bear

Every organic matter has a purpose,

A mouse feeds on scraps left by humans,

The owl feeds on the mouse,

The wolf consumes the owl,

The bear consumes the wolf.


We however,

are below both

the wolf and

the bear.



Intelligence grants us

a higher rank than

said wolf and bear,


But answer me the

question of instinct,


If you were to encounter

The wolf or the bear

Without proper protection,

Who would claim victor

Over the wolf or the bear?


Never do we Identify

The natural position of rank

our species holds

between species.



We have evolved

Incredibly to our


But with such


We have forgotten

The strength

Both the

Wolf and the Bear

Holds against us.


The Earth is

Not the property of


Whose morality we lost

Through generations

Of misguided teachings.


Why we have


To repay our harmful

Environmental impact

Is a shameful mystery

To me.


As a society,

We've become blinded

By the greed

Which tunnels our vision

Towards personal success.


We have ignored

Earths cries,

As her health continues to




Leaders of today's

Society seem to look

Away from presented

Evidence of unthinkable


Truth be told,

The mascots of

Today's society

Stir anger in my

Concerned conscious.



Deceased trees

We dye green,

Seem to possess

More value

Than the irreplaceable

Beats of life.



Those dead trees

We dye green

Hold structure

To our civilized



But when did

We train the

Future generations

Money dominates our



The homeless are denied shelter

In cold and rain,

Since they possess no money,

They are simply rejected.


Are their lives

So much less valuable

Than the man

Who sells materials?

The rejection of refuge a man

Of no wealth

Continues to face

Provokes my curiosity

Of "rank".

The mouse caught in a storm

Encounters the bear

As the mouse is

Seeking shelter.


A quiet den resists

The weather

As the mouse continues

To shiver.


He enters the den,

For natural instinct

Whispers dry warmth,

And the laws of nature speak



The bear claims the den

As his own,

Allowing no cold

Passerby's to wait out

The storm,

For the rank of the mouse

Holds no value to the

Standards of the bear.


I have to assume

It's in all species nature

To claim property as

Their own,


Doing so gives me

A sense of assurance

When displeased with

Societies idea of

Social status,

And what social status

Is privileged.


A lumberjack

Earns a living cutting down


Said trees are then

Turned to lumber

For the skeleton

Of shelter,

And he who is paid

To turn said trees

To beams   

Sends said beams to

A hardware outlet,


The contractor

Trades the lumber

For sentimental

Green paper,

To construct shelter

For the homeowner

Who's fortune

Grants him

Such privilege.  


Review the cycle,

And ask yourself

The question of economic



Why price an organic

Resource a man of

Wealth is welcome

To provide warmth for



But said organic resource

Is off limits

To the man who

Possess' no wealth?


What is the value

We price on life?

Who decided they

Rule over

All who occupy

this Earth?


All I can do is stand and wait,

As I wait for the day

In which we repay Earth-

But as always,

The greed will continue

To breed.

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