My Destiny


The night is cold and still.
I make my way towards the top of the hill,
I run past every animal and tree.
Knowing that this is my destiny.
The clearing of the forest is near.
The moment I have been waiting for is here.
My speed declines as my destination is now in sight.
I could not help but embrace the flawless night.
Others have arrived as well,
Identical to me as far as I can tell.
Anticipation builds up inside of me,
It is time to feel free.
I look up at the marvelous night sky.
I see the moon come out and I throw my head up high.
All together we make a sound,
It is like no other howl and heard all around.
This is the moment symbolizing who we are,
Calling out to the full moon and its every star.
It is my unrestricted life to its highest degree.
It is in my blood to be the wolf that I am born to be.
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