Then I Keep On Walking

The road so long and winding,

The rocks beneath my feet watching,

I kick a rock,

I watch it roll; then it stops,

And then I keep on walking.


As my feet keep moving,

My eyes keep searching,

For something worth my gaze.


I come upon a river wide,

And chip the ice away,

Frigid water hides beneath,

I dip my hand in for a peak.


My finger tips turn red,

I watch them turn a shade so flushed,

Pins and needles creep on in,

I take my hand out and look about,

And then I keep on walking.


I come across a forest,

So thick as it is wide,

Branches adorned in snow,

Like crystals in the sunshine.


I see a bird perched on a limb,

So small and feeble,

I wonder where it’s been.


It spreads its wings and soars away,

Free to fly on another day,

I watch as it ascends out of sight,

I see it take such an alluring flight,

Then I keep on walking.


I walk along the path,

I stumble to a halted end,

A sign is sat adorned in yellow and black,


So I turn around,

And then I keep on walking.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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