The blood seeps in

Through the cracks on the walls

And it penetrates 

Into my spirit

Evolving my state

Into a more impeccable union


Listlessly it closes in

On the lion

Capturing it

Keeping it 

In a cage

For all to see


To show my venerable self

And the unknown


In a temperas 

Concealing all of my flaws

In the darkness


But oh how I long

To just be myself

And not as those

Who have chained me

Want me to be

For I am not flawless


I am not beautiful

I am not art to stare at in the daytime

I am an animal

Prowling and panicking

Those who see me

For I am hideous


I am an abomination

To those who set forth

Their eyes upon mine

For they cannot withhold my spirit

 Without seeing my true identity

Amidst my scars


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