The Girl of the Waters


United States
The soft sand warms her like a blanket 
A cool breeze flows through her hair
The waves splash and smooth her spirit 
She views the horizon with love and care 
Her problems are gone, as if the tides take them away
Her love for the waters makes her want to stay all day
How can someone who is clouded with stress and frustration,
be able to block all that out and become one with nature?
How can she still dream of traveling the nation,
when she's at the peak of deciding her future?
Her abilities of letting loose outdoors
And enjoying her time at the shores
Let her dream of another place 
Where she has no due dates to face
Nonetheless she is a great student
Does her work and gives it her all
She takes opportunities to showcase her talent 
Which burns inside her chest like a fervent fireball
Sea life lives within her, it moves her body and soul
Vibrant colors of coral giver her a charming character
Speeding dolphins create dances, that control her life as a whole 
This burning passion inspires others, like a spark from a lighter 
She is a friend of all animal, fur and scale
She changes her diet and ignores judging eyes
Her love for these creatures is as big as a whale
She keeps five at home and sings them lullabies
This person is not perfect
This person is not a saint
Don't try, she can't be mimicked
She colors her life with her own paint
She's learned to love others, by first loving herself
She smiles a lot and advocates confidence in oneself
As fierce as Joan of Arc, but as heartwarming as Maya Angelou
She became an inspiration for others before she even knew
The sun is setting, beautiful colors appear
Being there alone, she has no fear
She appreciates it like home and is always drawn
Because how would she live if it were gone?
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