Lone Wolf

She moves so swiftly her paws kissing the ground.

Her eyes switching left and right trying to find prey.

She is pure white, fur thick and glossy nose as

black as coal and her eyes gleaming crystal blue.

It is though time slowed for her as she runs through

the forest never letting up. She blends with the thick blanket

of snow on the ground, she stops. A deer in the clearing

she gets down and army crawls to get closer. She knows

this deer is vulnerable and alone, yet she waits.

She stalks the prey until she leaps into action, catching

the deer off guard. Her teeth biting into the neck

killing her prey to feast upon its flesh. As she finished her repast

her body falls limp and she lays down. Her head goes down on her

paws and she closed her eyes. This animal with no concept of death

was ready for her long sleep. 


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