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You were greedy and it was your downfall.You went to Las Vegas and you lost it all.You lost seventy thousand dollars in one day.Your wife took the children and went away.
What is this crap called hate speech that they invented? Those who regard the truth as hate speech spit in the face of free speech. People have the right to like or dislike anything or anybody.
Been looking for affection at a rich man’s resurrection found plenty of gold but little introspection His friends cry crocodile and the family’s lamenting
We stumble, we fall and we get upWe don't beg, don't kneel and we stand upFailure will never be an optionLife is about struggling and taking actionWe are living in a world full of hypocrisy
Money can’t buy love, but it can buy the vanities of the world. It’s better to love someone than to love money and vanity.   The love of money is undoubtedly a corruptive force.
                                                        No loyalty No royalty No unconditional love No clean white dove Life is full of shocks, locks
You don’t miss me And me neither Missy Life is full of shocks and surprises To the foodies, everything is about business
Once, we bartered every star, Poached their paper light And wrenched from Heaven those weighty gems For want of better sight.   Silent cries reverberated 'Round the threadbare sky -
It was hard for her husband and child to believe what she had done.She ran off with a sugar daddy and abandoned her husband and son.She did her husband wrong but I believe what she did to her son was worse.
(This poem takes place in the year 1800)   You call yourself a Christian who has been saved. But you're not a Christian because you have slaves.
They’re Out For THEMSELVES... !!! They’re Out For THEMSELVES... !!! You Can Tell If You Properly Give Them A... Smell... !!! And Because of Anomalies In What They SELL...
Ya Know The World Is FINE It's Humanity's LOSS... When We Decide To Behave Like DOGS... ?!? The World's WAY BEYOND............................. .. PAYING The Cost For Humanity's WRONGS...
Lemon Lemon Tree Lemonade Everyone loves lemon Lemon Tea Lemon Bars Sunshine and Lemon Branches and leaves Avocado Tree  Shading my lemon tree What the hell, avocado?
Four boys All the same guy Falling for them all
My mind dances in shadows and confusion. I don’t know what is real, what I touch, what I feel. I hide behind the shield of my illusion. So I continue to continue, to pretend that I am real, that life is what I feel.
You covet everything I have and you suppress my ability to achieve. Selfishness and greed will certainly devour you. I am the same human being as you are and I have the right to life.
So It Seems That GREED... Is Part of The Disease That Corona Breeds... !?!
So Fellas What's The Price You're Prepared To Pay … To Spread Her Thighs And Get That … LAY … !!?!!
  The fact is that you did not raise me  You neglected me  You betrayed me You left me there to figure it all out on my own
Yesterday the wind blew Fourthousand Sixhundred and Fourty Five   In a cardboard box We lie awake With our eyes sowed shut By strings that hang from above   Like puppets we lie
Ya Know I Quite Enjoyed ... " Drag Me To Hell " ... !!! That Flicks' Quite SICK ... !!! In How It Toys With Thoughts That Dwell ... Inside Us All About PITFALLS ... !!!
He sits upon his lofty throne, with a crown all rusty gold; Watching darkness all around; Empty halls, lit no more, all joy gone.   Sunlight beckons, birds, bees, flowers- His heart responds,
What Would You Do... " Just To Get Paid ... ? Make Shady Moves or .... " ENTERTAIN " .... !!! Well It Seems Nowadays That Many Try ... !!! By ... Playing The Game of ...
you taste too much like money the kisses aren’t sweet  less and less like cherry  no longer smooth like cream   love exchanged for luxury silver plaited rings cold the tang from fingers bloody
Poor Tony Blair His Job's Been A STRESS ... !!! Well That's A Shame ... !!! If He Wants Sympathy For Stress He Feels ... He's NOT Just STRESSED He's Going INSANE ... !!!
Shall we continue searching for the end of the rainbow? Or appreciate the majesty of the colored lines The pot of gold might change your financial situation But don't we learn more through difficult and arduous time?
Isn't Less Sometimes MORE ... ? Those Words Sound GOOD If You're NOT POOR ... !!! But Money DOESN'T Give You ... " LIFE " ... And Life Is NOT Defined By PRICE ... !!! But Is That ... RIGHT ... ?!?
drip    drip   drip, crack   drip   drip   drip, puff
The city was empty and so was my mind The sky was gray and no clouds in sight Judging by the drink in my hand, the clouds were in my mind. I listened to the sounds of traffic
Some cry climate change Other's say they're deranged.As the conflict evolvesAll our lives are involved.Who's right or who's wrong?What's the difference?
Our blood is red,Straight ahead it runs,In tons,To the heart that beats
Mother Earth weeps  Not with sorrow, With rage.   Her rage is found in The fire that razed Paradise, The storm that destroyed San Juan, 
wanting, a simpler form of greed. greed is seen as a sin, but for you, my dear, id count every sin and smile at them.
Monster Alexis Beyers   There was a monster starving within, never satisfied with what I gave to him.
The spring brings milk and honey The season of love and birth But we crave lust and money  And forget each moments worth
I see red rivers of blood not merely puddles You would think that this is a horror story But this a contiguous continuous struggle   America you are a bully
Dear the worst of me,   Greed... Why are you here? I didn't need all these tears. I didn't need you when i was younger
I used to live in a world of freshly squeezed laundry, Himalayan pink salt on Atlantic salmon, and thermostatic, triple jet showers.   But now I live in a world of re-worn t-shirts, mouldy
I feel a spark inside it ignites when i feel your lips on mine.   I see the look in your eyes when your fingertips press against the curvature of my neck.   There is warmth
The Dragons, they soaredAbove Mountains, through cloudsEach guarded a hoardClaws sharp, and teeth baredThey’d fight to the deathProtecting what they treasured most
Let me be honest, I can’t really express it, and I don’t know how I should break it down *Sigh* But ‘cause of you and the things you did, I’m happy you’re not around
Far into that ire sky rose a suble glint too quick deposed; a mirror to what lies in throe. yes, far beneath that acrid storm lay jewlers' land,
The desire for knowledge, the desire for power A wish to acknowledge, a wish to impower The blood that flows throughout your veins Over you, it does reign Filled with greed, filled with desire
Once upon a time, The fish that used to be a prince Wallowed in his watery prison Cursing his incompetence.
  There was once a time in a far off place A town sat about a strange, but not unfamiliar, monolith Stood there a palace built on hate and waste  
It is the will of few men,That many must die,Petty feuds to mend,And boys in graves to lie, 
All she wants are diamonds, And the glitter of soft gold, With jewels the size of almonds, And sparkling coins to hold. Her goal is always growing, Complete excess her aim,
He had nothing but a fistful of hope Hope sewn in the dirt, watered by his mother’s tears Hope. It would give them everything or nothing.
Gold-- Everything else has ceased to matter, To exist In his eyes. The damned metal has taken control Of everything in sight: Of our once beautiful home, Of my body, Of his mind.  
There was an old lady deep in the forest   Her house was much sweeter than all of the rest.   The walls were of cookie, chocolate and sugar  
We mere mortals, Are but temporal beings. Drowned by the wine of luxuries That life has to offer. That being said, still suffices not (Countless, numerous sins ongoing Creating, still dreaming
  Kids come in like snow on a winter’s day All their smiles just light up my day They come inside to run and play
America, The Beautiful? Home of the enslaved, Where those who are brave, Are said to have no brain, Where freedom of speech is limited,
They say this is the land of the free, but how can that be when the police are shooting black people like me.
Money is poison our food, water, hearts and head. They don't want us to know, but we already do. Is honesty compltetely dead?
Symptoms of evil there's no need for a cure. Just treat what you can profit  and look the other way.
Whoever came up with the name America the Great, I would like to ask you what makes it so great? The fact that it’s full of hate?
Here am I, as happy as can be! For I live in a villa, with chariots, leaves of illusion, and precious treasure from Ophir. Oh! How I delight in my many luxuries! And there, rest my darlings, who come from very far.
  What do I see in the land of the free and the home of the brave?   Fat minds grow restless, fed stories of the hardship and challenge of older days. Pride blooms like a plague in the hearts of the prosperous.
When He was happyHe placed in the skyA thousand twinkling diamondsAnd the lover reaches up, up, up To grab these tiny jewelsAnd add to his collection
Your greed flowers poisoned petals Their immaculate beauty shielding truth hunger in vacant stomachs will not quench lust for shriveled greenery will never stop and you my friend  are in chains to me  
II looked up and saw a solemn darkness with muted stars that dotted the face of the sky like freckles (nary a constellation in sight!).
I wander throughout the world in a chain of my own making A chain for which I cannot escape A chain that I drag from continent to continent.   I made the chain Link by link
If the entire world were molded into one being It would have its hand extending out into space Seeking the aid of another world Man has devastated the planet
the dead leaves know so little the swine and their eager snouts scour the pile, although too brittle swarming minds with no doubts  
What am I to do with a sound that heeds no muse? - with this devil-red guitar that wears one string one octave high? I'm lying; I knew well that its sonic-auburn spell would disappear: now dirty bells 
Where roses meet asphaltWither. Rot. Mold. Asphyxiate.Here lie collapsed towersHeat. Lost. Combustion. Timber.Angels fallen trumpet loudAshes. Feathers. Triumph. Lore.Time runs ever odd
I have been around and I have seen a lot. And many a time I have been to the ballot. Sometimes when I am looking around, I see their ignorance being spoken out loud.
Voodoo priestess see the world that lives within our own,Sight is blind but chilling touch can reach within the bone.Gilded wishes pervert the mind to cheat the humble man,
I'm greedy;      I know it;           I quite like to show it And although my dear mum might describe me as seedy Deep down she just knows that I am very greedy.   I give gifts.
Tell Me Again of how your privilege is comparable to the suffering of those who built the pedestal you preside on.
The animal was suffering cruel conditionsYou may ask yourself whyThe answer lay on monetary commissions The reason thousands of animals die.  
The animal was suffering cruel conditionsYou may ask yourself whyThe answer lay on monetary commissions The reason thousands of animals die.  
Overuse, Overthink, Oversimplify       The degree to which we suffer is surely to the nth Forced to lose humanity, when I can't pay my rent Swear to god
You murdered me with whisperings of trusted secrets now in fling. Our trust you tore with rampant greed and flaunted my foolish empathy that marked you as my everything.  
Green leads to Greed yet I gaze outdoors to discover green is synonymous with growth what does this mean we have been groomed from the first green means go chase the paper, not the dream
Buy the ammo You'll get a discount Courtesy of the NRA You know, the people who sit on leather Wear silk And sip the finest wine Courtesy of the assholes Who lack a moral compass And shoot to kill.
I once liked butterflies, because you did. I was enchanted, because I knew I couldn't hold you. One day you would fly away and say "Hold me like you love me". I did. Fuck, at least I tried.
This is the daily grindtime we don't want to findso full it will destroy your mind The pencil is blindwhite paper all linedwith tape we are kind
It starts with the whispers  Breathed into inhabitants' ears  The chilling wind-like purrs  They spread their material fears    "There must be more money!"  The voices belonging to no one sigh 
Concocted some bonny memories fourteenth birthday o'thine.
Slow down slow down No reason to get all worked up on this Take your time, take your time   Never thought you'd be worrying over this Money's a lie, it's a lie  
Bones bones bones
Deodorant sent them to space
  Such gallant knight  went down in flightsuccumbing to the shadow  lured to his death  by whisper's breathwhile seeking El Dorado.  Came the shade  within the glade
Stupendously surreptitiousInnuendo on the rocks.Deliciously denigrated,Drunken with the fox.Imbibed and steeped like Earl Grey,Steaming under the white collarOf studio-excellent executivism.
The harshest light is the one, we choose to use to see.   The blemish of society has become, a billboard of tragedy.   With beauty's definition, now warped in the minds of our youth.  
The best thing that money is good for is that it tells us that God is who we should trust.In the Garden of Eden, God gave life to Adam after creating him from dust.
Heavy, wet, warm, suffocation settles
Dogs don't fly, Chickens just die, Why try to get by, If we are meant to die? Are we alone on this dot? Suspended in space, so far from it all. But yet we kick and moan,
they look at me and all agree they think im a stuck up white girl like, "she probably gets all her shit for free" ive got blonde hair, blue eyes. and my skintone is real white
The rich g
College, one powerful place to change our lives. A place that strikes fear STRONG emotion. A place that some can't even get a chance to start. Parents with other ideas not focused on your future but there's.
Take heed, All who have succumbed to greed. For there will come a day, When the sky will fade.   In the dark you shall hide, With no one by your side. Your soul shall be distraught with shame,
We all have a meaning to be in this world. What is mine? I am not so sure yet, but I intend on finding out soon. Soon, everything will be different. I'll be going away from those who have loved me in my darkest times. 
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
Why the fuck do I have to pay for college?  I'm trying to educate myself & spread happiness to the world. 
STOP! WHATEVER IS DISTRACTING YOU... STOP! Live in the moment and listen up. I am talking to everybody, and I am hoping all of you will take these words to heart, so please, please,
Money To breathe, to live
  Why do the good men get the bad luck? Not moving cuz they all stuck Going down stead a up With not a person to love Cuz being kind
H appine    ss unknown to us as promising as GNIHTON as obtainable as air
Education is my love, to embark on a journey of truth revealed Understanding the facts and using those facts in life to change the world
I get it. We grow up. Or maybe we grow out... We grow out of clothes and shoes, Maybe we can grow out of friendships. I didn't want to. I knitted my heart ten times bigger than I
                                                                        I ask myself is this natural                                                                   destroying all the natural things
If I took away the I Maybe people would stop the lie The focus wouldn't be on win
Teach your kids to be more than book-smart; Teach your kids to think.
As I look onto the ocean blue, All I can think about is being with you. Separated by the land and the sea, All I want is for you to be with me. It is a simple want that I beg,
Hush little girl, and rest in me
Oh, you hate men? Why would you be a feminist? All guys aren't like that..That's so unfair.
She takes flight. All the light in those babydoll eyes. Broken. Soars away from these hardships. Tender hands burned. In this seemingly painless discuise. Don't leave me in the darkness.
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
"I have a dream" a wise man once said, where everyone is created equal But how is it that dreams could come with a price tag that's deceitful? They tell you growing up to always "shoot for the stars"
He has no home she has no water he's cold she's hungry  
Life is like a shadow by Aymin ShataraWe chase it,it runsWe stop,it comesSun up , we goSun down, we comeNever stop, we want it bad
Money is power.
The U.S National Deficit May 6, 2014 at 11:47 am: $17,512,474,434,230   Like a law of nature The more time that passes The more that red number grows And as a result, the higher the ceiling goes
Gold is God Worth more than us Blood and bone It's worth the loss
Bright things, young ring- masters of their own fate, future king- pins, holding together the fabric of the state with false silver lining on dark clouds of the economy false hope, blindness - they all lie, trying 
I am going to tell them what’s up Something to think about while they sup About good policy Nothing really fancy I’ll advocate refilling our cup
There are lions in jungles that roar with pride. There are snakes in the grass, they're sly, they hide. There are sheep led by pastors, so fluffy and round. The wolves are just hungry, they wander around.
My dream job is not  too popular, but one that completes me. To feed the poor, clothe the naked, share some water if need be.   It calls me when I see the homeless.   It calls me when I feel hungry.
Doomed I remember the old days, when the world was on the brink of war,
Do not give in to the power of Greed. This, the only advice I can conceive; From the lust of gold, we must be freed.   We plant it now, destruction's seed, Our selfishness, so naive.
If I could close my eyes and count the three, there are certain things I would change about the world around me.  
Earth is such a wonderful place to live, It is such a shame humanity takes yet fails to give. The consistency of life continues to unfurl, The ignorance of mankind will end the world.  
Your eyes shift overhead as the clouds melt away,
A tangle web, tangle lives But take a look deep down inside Greed consumes, greed takes It makes my heart ache   Children working for cents Children starving in the trench
Envy, that monster that fills our hearts with malice. Its constant spirit of abhorrence, never ending.  Aspirations turned into avarice.
  Give a baby a hundred-dollar bill She’ll shove it in her mouth And immediately spit it out Because she’d rather suck her own thumb She hates the taste of strangers’ fingers That is just gross to her
What would you change?What would I change?When not just one thingEven more than just a few come to mindWhat does that say?TrappedIn a world whirlwinding in such disarray
There is change great and small, At times it feels as though it doesn't matter at all. So many things that go on That could fill a hundred songs, Never get to see the day of light 
If everyone were kinder
The waste is not made clear, the shame never seen. The darkness covers all things, yet we believe we're clean. "I am shameless," we pridefully say, Then hide our feelings by the end of the day.
A talk with my conscious   He like me I like him Ahhh, no I don't He's always on me. Giving me hugs What's wrong with that? I don't like him Or I'm not sure
What I Would Change An Original Poem by Julianne Kuzmanovic   There’s a lot in this world That just needs fixin’! The economies, the governments, their laws,
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
The problem with America, is wrong people are in the lead. Our government is corrupt with an exsessive amount of greed.There are children dying, there are parents crying, and all you can see is corporate sighing?
The opportunities given to us by the mother Life herself Have been stored into our vault of love and hope That shines at the tip top  top of the hills So high up nobody can see with their own
I feel the mysterious paint dripping down like a cape Containing the worlds lies that I thought I could escape
My pockets have been picked But why mine? They are nearly empty The paper goes as it comes in There must be a hole in there Who would do such a thing?
Washington, Lincoln, Jackson and Franklin
  Little boy Joe and twin brother Nicky, Play pirate outside and often are icky. In their dad's study they find a large chest, And small captain fingers get it all sticky.  
A league of oppressors, power-hungery and lusting for blood. A coalition of liars bound together by misinterpretation. A collection of cheats, blinded by greed. A murder of crows, watching the world from above.
through the day and night, a king made his pay he lived a rich live life, with nothing in his way   although ruler of the land, something was missing he desired a friend, whose soul wasn't greedy  
Greed knows nothing about preservation all is knows is pure elevation (with no guidance) lies occur during this rise full of corruption like a careless driver, greed hits a dead end  
What far too many people fail to realize The addiction of wealth is just as serious as cocaine or gluttony, just more civilized Wall Street watches constantly, imperious They snatch away vulnerable loved ones
Shocking Failure, Blinding success The only difference, A thin white line We always make, A great big mess
With it we define, the meaning of life The need to realign, without much strife To impose our odds, beyond our right
I've tried to make sense of it all, but reasoning fails, which leaves me falling down again, to where I began to misunderstand this life.   If the only absolute is the knowledge that there's no truth,
It was during one hot summer’s day—the Sun—ripe—Fat—That a droplet of sweat—fell to the grass—lifeless--dead—flat—
Constant obsession over Earthly possessions causes anger, aggression, continuous stressin' ends with loss and depression and funeral processions did I mention that these are the Devils intentions
Love is something everyone wants. Tainted by sex, but love is love. Everyone fights to get it. Thats why love is a battelfield. Better bring your sword to cut off anyone in your way. And bring your sheild to deflect the lies and cheaters.
What would the world be like if there was no such thing as money? Would it be a better, simpler life? With no greed; no killing or fighting to be rich? How would it affect everyday people?
I be sleeping while awakeGirl kiss me while I wakeMoney ain't a thingNot for the gold chainPeople go insane all for the fame
Sleeping soundly in their beds children rest their little heads but what lurks beneath their beds? creepy creatures from places you dread? Their sure to give you the most wonderful scare
My uncle once told me never to smell money; for liking the smell of money is selfish, I suppose, greedy, as if the green scent is blood in an ocean infested with sharks

I am from lands which weep rain unto us all;From cozy tapestries of cloud and trees like the fingers of God.I am from the sweet, bastard child of Gaia and Hephaestus,Where Nature dances the waltz with Industry
I will wait for your mark. Blank stares as you manipulate me, sway me with your words abuse me to spread hate or enlighten the other masters for I am your slave waiting for your mark. 
For 18 years I've been lost about being lost and tossed around by meaninglessness Worried about pieces of paper in the future For the last 2 years, I've been eating the last doughnut And sneaking a glass of wine
Writing lights the path of ever darkness A darkness that consumes all emotions Feeling has ceased, sight has ceased, taste has ceased Senses taken over by the evil A beast that knows absolute no loving
I cry because I know that I am strongI know that I have grownI have come so far from that girl who used to longStaring out of the window hoping for a world where I belong
Gambling is a sin, so never begin, Money madness makes it more maniacal, Stacks against itself the odds of real success, It should see it’s blessed, learn to rest well, Don’t send yourself to hell,
You wake up, eat, drive to work, drive home, sleep- repeat. What is this? Am I truly happy? We begin in the womb for a time. Born and as we grow, the cycle restarts once again. What is my purpose?
What is this?Greedy beasts feeding on your suffering.Stuffing their faces with ... ah the money you gave them. The money which was supposed to help you. Instead it became a feast for the monsters.
Bright flashing gold and green hypnotic, It’s plain this substance is narcotic.   Desire that we can’t ignore, The more we have, the more we adore,
  Contemplate capturing currency, Chasing it like creatures chaotically like it was an emergency. When your funds fill fellows’ fingers, Exiting your own, making you one of the malingers.
As life goes on, we dwindle away,  From fighting and lying, everyday. We place ourselves to lose the race,  By putting ourselves in a never-ending chase:  To be the best  To be number one 
Wall Street Stock market For some people  it's their Easy Street. Whenever I think of that phrase, I think of Annie and the song sung by Hannigan and her brother
The stockings hang   As He did A tree will rise in lighted splendor     With dozens of round twinkling eyes   All iris- all colors- they hang   Children and all expecting
Sixty seconds moved like frozen molasses on to a hungry man's biscuit. When I was five years old. We lived for candy and ice cream. We worried about eating our greens.
If only money were truly blind That way children wouldn't be left behind Domination creating class Allowing greed to keep its free pass
I have met the ugliest man That ever has survived His cheeks are sallow holes And his hair has never thrived   Upon his fingers delicate Sit the rings of fortune and fame
The world is SPINNING OUT I have no utter doubt That history repeats itself And its happening now. Do you think for a moment That this would not happen? Warfare in the world
I don't keep the worlds histories I don't solve the worlds mysteries And I am not their story keeper I am no mans scribe. That is not my life.
His Harmonica he played, sweet melody, music reached out to me like sun rays, penetrating my skin on a summer day, and I observed from a distance, not too far away, an old man with gray hairs, running down the sides of his face, an old coat he wor
Old kids as an society will eventually take about 30 prescriptions pills, but as humans we suffer from greed. Our greed complains for more life, but to have had life is enough. Our greed stems from fear, the fear of being casket sharp and gray.
Fall to the ground, you dirty swine! No greedy liar shall have mine! Taxed and found profiled past measure, yet still feeling immense pleasure. That's you isn't it, greedy pig? Drinking some whisky, like a swig?
Of all the loves, you lose more. They pry the closed opening to the crowd, whom cries the cries of dead ones. To the trees, the trees with tall leaves! Put the piles where no one can see!
I know not of why they seek green: to me it seems quite queer. This yearn keeps many very lean. While some seek to live with their leer, some live without a home: they have no graceful sheep to shear.
On hands and knees my wrists move with the rhythm of my labored breathing, scrubbing these floors and hoping that working just hard enough can wash away the sins of this system we didn’t ask to be a part of,
How could you not understand? How badly the rich has the upper-hand When everybody is chasing the dollar They will always have us under their collar And under their commands we holler
If money grew on trees my life would be at ease No one knows how I feel never knowing when I'll have my last meal Seeing the for sale sign in the front yard needing money so much but its too hard
The milling, the tilling, the toiling, the killing, for nothing more than a shilling, a shilling. Carelessly sowing, selfishly growing, fearing the gale of a harsh wind blowing, blowing.
Ignorance is killing a man, a man with great potential. And this ignorance that I speak of, is coming down like torrential rain. There is no way to escape it, no escape plan.
There you see, He comes a'knocking, Wind is blowing, house a'rocking. To know! To know what parcel He brings, Would entice the greatest of kings. His walk is strong, His stride is sure,
Chicago shall rise again. This phrase, from ashes rose But I see a city again with flames rising high Not of fire but of hatred, racism and crime. A Chicago whose politicians are varied
What moves us currently Is it money, be it currency It chokes the breathless As it starves the hungry Because the absence of power Is the absence of currency The power to move The power to act
One brain for admission Two to commence the submission Three for a laugh track Four the media is out of whack Bashing is on my resume You want my soul, how much will you pay
Selfish desires Thrive in our society. Lurking in every human mind Slowly Slowly Tearing all compassion away.
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I look right and left. To find my surroundings sky high of bodies, and I wonder why. Far off into the distance, I can see it, The Resistance.
The swaying of the trees Puts me at ease In the midst of anger The strong wind against my face Brings me to reality Realities of the world
A land a sunder One side thunder The other strife But both of plunder A schism of people Eager to greet you Naive, standard Skeptics, deceitful
The world is full of lies, greed, & lust; The simplest definition of the most of us, as compilation; We, not understanding how to be united as a people, have adopted racism;
The world is on fire Amongst all the lies should we give into desire? For what do they yearn leaders so greedy can they not see us burn?
Welcome to this place Where judgment is our game We'll chew you up and spit you out You'll never be the same.
What inspires me is when you don't read, you refuse to look into a world that I'm forced to perceive. What inspires me is when i sit here and bleed, lay here and shed tears, cry, cry and plead
People all caught up on diamond rings Showing up in all those shiny things Man, I just wanna meet someone who owns their things Instead of putting them on pedestals, under crowns, like kings
Come to me, oh child of the green. You're ways are cruel and mean. And I, the beast, am calling you home. To the depths of darkness unseen.
Fallout Listen to the children cry As you watch their mothers die Empires fall before their eyes Led by a power who all despise
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