Mother Earth Weeps

Mother Earth weeps 

Not with sorrow,

With rage.


Her rage is found in

The fire that razed Paradise,

The storm that destroyed San Juan, 

The smog that chokes New York City.


We are killing Mother Earth


The bottles we use once and throw away,

The oil that powers our society,

The corporations polluting the very air we breathe.


We overdevelop Her


The rise of deforestation in the Amazon for cattle farming,

The destruction of Indonesia for palm oil,

The politicians crying, ‘Drain the swamp,’ for freeways and desolate malls.


I weep for Mother Earth

Not with sympathy

But with empathy.


We should all feel Her pain


The pain of increased earthquakes due to fracking,

The pain of famine caused by rising temperatures,

The pain of flooding because Saint Augustine developed Fish Island for condos.


We all will feel Her pain


Once we no longer have clean air,

Once there is a rise in disease due to the heat

Once the land we stand on has been consumed by the sea.


No, we are a greedy species.

We only feel Her pain when it affects us

But by then it will be 

Too late,

Too far gone,

Too little time to say goodbye to Mother Earth.


Mother Earth weeps.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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