Voodoo priestess see the world that lives within our own,
Sight is blind but chilling touch can reach within the bone.
Gilded wishes pervert the mind to cheat the humble man,
This world is lost beneath the clock the spirits’ visits known.

The blackened hearts of paler souls hear whispers from the night.
Temptation runneth over once control is of our might.
From politicians to poor man wishes, they hear our desperate call.
Lead by the wrists, its effortless to fool a blind man’s sight.

“Victory!” yells the visitor, vamping vacant voids.
The task is done, the evil won. The free man is destroyed.
“How easy to make the begger rich when the richer beg for more.”
One demon exalted to the next “The human will is poor.”

This poem is about: 
Our world


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