Mother, you deserve better

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 17:21 -- loyap


You wake up, eat, drive to work, drive home, sleep- repeat.

What is this?

Am I truly happy?

We begin in the womb for a time.

Born and as we grow, the cycle restarts once again.

What is my purpose?

Why do I continue this same routine?

The meaning of life is hard to find, but it is the journey that keeps us going.

To preserve every moment, learning from past mistakes, to care for yourself and loved ones as a mother would care for her newborn child.

An unconditional love

Some love; but we value most are numbers next to our names.

No matter how many digits our names hold, our mother is truly the rich one

She loves us so much she gave us air in our lungs, food, water, shelter and she entertains us with  forests, beaches, mountains, plants and animals!

She is so beautiful, too often her children forget about her

Poisonous hierachy, greed, machinery, power, selfishness, murder- numbers to die for

Emperors of business try to dictate her with machinery and maniupulation, but she still triumphs.

Mother is sanctuary

Even as we become scared, we always look for her

Who gave us these green papers to put into our pockets of material?

Who gave us the rags to hang upon ourselves?

Who allowed us to make fire, grow food, plant, build, think, create?

Are we alone or is there some other life bigger than us?

The journey and thought of it all!

Sometimes we never leave the nest of lights and screens we see everyday.

We hold the sun in our eyes almost everyday and night with paranoia of reputation and information overload

Explore moms backyard, as we are in her playground.



Crying, fighting, hatred, envy; we all hurt inside

Disease, starvation, war, deciet; will she have enough?

Mom puts us in a corner when we misbehave

A time-out

"Natural distasters" she calls them as she storms in with her fury and rage

Everything we have grown to love, laugh and die for, we give thanks to our mother in the end

She has provided us with everything she has, but when its time to go,

We become a part of her once again.






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