Dear Inner Sins

Dear the worst of me,



Why are you here?

I didn't need all these tears.

I didn't need you when i was younger

so i have nothing to fear.

But if you stay, make me greed for greater heights.

Make my passion burn everlastingly bright.

Don't tell me that i need

this or that.

But that i'm fine

just as i am.



Why did you leave?

Make up your mind.

You say that you’re with me

but then you run off and hide.

I’m the only one

you ever seem to fight.

Please, stand up for what’s right.

Make me warrior-strong.

Able to take a hit

and still go on.



What have you done?

Making me unreasonably dumb.

Taking away all of my fun.

With you, a person I have never won

My heart just breaks

between the silence and the belly-aches.

You create the worst


telling me, murmuring, that it could be


But that's not fun.

Living out lies

Just passing time.



When are you gonna wake up?

Slept through prolonged nightmare.

Slept for too long.

Procrastination is bad.

But not caring just wrong.

The least you can do is get a little pissed.

Swept up in laziness,

so caring is a miss.

You can rest when our work is done

Wake up and see the sun.



When can you leave?

Treacherous jealousy is a burden

Jealous of kids in the suburban.  

Everything you tell me is lies

I’m sure others don’t have prettier lives

Just reverse it.

Give me confidence.

That I’m better than them

in every way.

Make me feel good today.



What did you do?

Hungered for love without strings.

Feeling like a bird without wings.

Be a different kind of hungry for a change.

Don’t eat for a temporary distraction for the pain.

Get up and exercise

Allow me to win the prize.

Shred a few pounds.

and be more muscular than the guys.



Where did you go?

Left me when I need you the most

Left me defending on my own

I'm no longer the lion on the throne

My crown is shattered

Ruined my name so it doesn't matter

Did you leave because Dad told you

to go.

Said you don't belong to this family


Don't listen to him.

Please come home and make me proud again.



The Rest of you.


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