Love is a Drug

Love is something everyone wants. Tainted by sex, but love is love. Everyone fights to get it. Thats why love is a battelfield. Better bring your sword to cut off anyone in your way. And bring your sheild to deflect the lies and cheaters. We all are in love with love. I want it. I need it. To cherish it and hold it in your arms is the best feeling in the world. But love can bite you in the heart. It can tear people apart. Love is messy and painful but can make you smile the way no one else will. When someone is in love you can see it in their eyes. Shining in the iris as if their eyes changed color. The shape is more like a heart than a circle. Love is amazing and can be found anywhere. Your home, within your friends even when a relationship begins. Love is everywhere but not a lot of people can hold on to it. Love can be lost and hopefully will soon again be found. I am in love with love because it is an intoxicating feeling. Makes you want to run to the moon and back. Love gives you all types of energy. It is a power that everyone is greedy to possess. Love is a true drug, free of charge and hard to miss.


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