A Thin Web

I've tried to make sense of it all,

but reasoning fails, which leaves me falling

down again, to where I began

to misunderstand this life.


If the only absolute

is the knowledge that there's no truth,

keep your relativism subdued (because)

Why would it matter?


Does the wisest man in the world

know that he knows nothing?

Or is there something to be said

about the words written in red?


If fact is fiction, then why this friction?

Fighting for lies has become your addiction.

So eager to start a war, but what are you fighting for?


I built my house on solid ground,

but someone came and burned it down.

No matter now, the truth I found

will keep me going.


"One ring to rule them all," one king who never saw

Rome wasn't built in a day, and it fell just as slowly.

Empires rise and fall -- emperors wise and strong.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but it fell just as slowly.


These things we depend on for 'peace' and 'safety';

thin air, empty shadows, and wishful thinking

is all they'll ever be.


So gain the whole world and forfeit your soul.

Sustain your own world, where you're in control.

They're selling you lies and you're already sold;

a slave to your throne, a grave paved in gold.


"Better the little that the righteous have

than the wealth of many wicked."


This world is more fragile than we ever thought.

We learn from our past, still we're never taught,

the earth spins too fast 'round a sun too hot;

the Son forgotten -- selfish, rotten.


Pen is to sword as action's to words.

It's harder than it seams

to tear apart, repair the hearts

inside us cold machines.


"A loveless life is a living death."

The love that fights is the living breath.

Love is something we all have, but love is a verb.

Love is something we all lack and no one deserves.


Let's live to follow, and follow to lead.

Let's give to all now, and swallow our greed.

Forget tomorrow and plant a seed.

Why can't you see? (You can't believe)

We stand our tallest on bended knees.




Oh, I really like it! My favorite line is: "Does the wisest man in the world know that he knows nothing?" Pure genius. LOVE IT<<3

Marie Wisa Beauge

Wow! "We stand our tallest on bended knees." That was very deep. Where do you get your inspirations from?


Mainly from the Bible, the writings of C.S. Lewis, and lyrics of August Burns Red songs. This particular poem references the book of Psalms, The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), and a few other sources. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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