Fri, 04/11/2014 - 16:46 -- kshaye

If I could close my eyes and count the three,

there are certain things I would change about the world around me.


Society's pressure would not set me in a trance; 

I would be able to dance just because I wanted to dance.


The world is an extremely greedy place.

There are selfish people whom should not be part of the human race.


If I could close my eyes and count to three

I would end society's need for greed.


Love would be love,

life would be life;

there would be no room for hate, only room for delight.


"But why,"

Some may ask,

"for how could we feel, if hatred was absent, how would love even appeal?"


To me, the choice is simple;

I wouldn't even waste my time.

For life is too short to waste our lives on crinkled brows and upset eyes.


If we could all close our eyes and count to three, 

I believe, that some would agree.


War would be useless.

We could all just believe,

that society is better when there is no greed.



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