Shape of the Human Mind


The opportunities given to us by the mother Life herself

Have been stored into our vault of love and hope

That shines at the tip top  top of the hills

So high up nobody can see

with their own

two eyes


Except for those who can belive


Selflessness is an extinct species of which no one seems to miss

Except for me


No one truly understands the full extent

Of the possibilities


The possibilities given to us by mother Life herself

Stored in the vault no one can spy


Except for those who can see


The sons of Selfishness and Greed are too short

To reach the vault high on the hills


Except for those who can reach


So you ask me the one thing I'd change

If the power were given to me

I'd give eyesight to those

Who can't see

Their Life

With their very own

Two Eyes


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