Trees Know Not of Greed

The trees

Ah, the trees

They're waving at me.

So high in the sky

They wish to hold you with the wind but

They cannot reach

Oh so far down.

They're a whole different species

With lives and wild smiles

As they peek behind each other

To get a glimpse at us:

They're own little,

Different beings


The trees

Ah, the trees

So beautiful, big, and green

So tall and wise

With wide open eyes.

These sky filling


Fruit farming

Air seeping

People keeping


Here standing watch over land,

You, and me


The trees

Ah, the trees

They live and love to please

To let us breathe

And leave us be

So we cut them

And kill them

All of them down

For "good"

And for evil,

Unnecessary death

To other beings we share the world with


The trees

Ah, the trees

Souls who don't fight back,

They find no need

They only plea for peace

 To live in tree tranquility

Sharing and giving

A pleasant society

With these trees

And all of the other

See all, be all

Wisdom filled keys

Of nature,

And simply good

The best we can get

From this planet we roam

Shape-shifted into a lifelong tomb

Of hunger and madness

Of killing for thrills

And dying for the hell of it.

No one stops and smells the roses

For rose colored glasses

On the faces of brown nose, rose asses

Have rushed the life

Of Earth and all her beings

Clinging to the meaning

Of success

Of getting there faster

As fast as you can


The trees

Ah, the trees

Come vist them with me

Sit and watch them and see

The real meaning of being

With all those we tend to forget:

The good that we have

Right here, outside

Up and under the sky

Breathe the air,

Look up and see

Feel what life is really supposed to mean


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