What Would You Change?

The problem with America, is wrong people are in the lead. Our government is corrupt with an exsessive amount of greed.There are children dying, there are parents crying, and all you can see is corporate sighing? They have too much money, so they now search for power. What matters is their lives, they dont care about ours. Money i swear is just green little squares, it eaisily becomes nothing with one little tear. So one thing i would change, would be corporate's mind. what i would change, would be to make them kind. make them think about poverty, for just one minuet. just one tiny thought, they dont have to live it. the decisions they make affects them alone, but how do you think that affects us at home? Corporate understanding is all that i ask, its time that they take off their eye covered masks. Open your eyes to the people in need, dont be overwhelmed with your intense sense of greed. 


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