A Fatal Flaw

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 23:30 -- jvkelly

Take heed,

All who have succumbed to greed.

For there will come a day,

When the sky will fade.


In the dark you shall hide,

With no one by your side.

Your soul shall be distraught with shame,

Demons hunt you down like game.


A sharp pain,

Will grab the vain.

Stealing the last of your riches,

Casting you down to the appalling ditches.


Not a crumb shall be thrown down,

All your days will be carried out with a frown.

For greed is an ugly trait,

I need not to elaborate.


Punishment awaits us all,

Karma's cruel and gruesome call.



I created this particular poem as a wake-up call, not only to myself, but for others.  As a fellow person that suffers from greed, I have acknowledged my problem and try my best to correct my ways.  I have learned how to help others and put their needs before my own. I have also grown self-aware in knowing that I should be thankful for what I have been given in life.  Greed is considered one of the seven deadly sins and I, from experience, have to come to understand its selfish ways and hope to avoid its vicious trap.  I hope that anyone who reads this poem will be able to recognize their own faults and learn how to correct them before they become an unfixable or complex problem.

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