Ol' Jacob Marley

Wed, 10/26/2016 - 18:28 -- Roz

I wander throughout the world

in a chain of my own making

A chain for which I cannot escape

A chain that I drag

from continent to continent.


I made the chain

Link by link

As made choices that I now regret

Link by link,

Choice by choice.


I wish that I could go back

but the past cannot be rewritten

So I wander the world

in a chain I have forever

condemned myself to.


Images from my past

take turns haunting me

I remember the only true acquaintance

I have ever known

one just like me.


He's creating his chain

it's longer than mine

and soon, he will join me

in my aimless



If I could only spare him

of the same fate

of chains made of money

and remorse and greed

I most certainly would.


But I wander the world

in chains.


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