Our World

The world is full of lies, greed, & lust;

The simplest definition of the most of us, as compilation;

We, not understanding how to be united as a people, have adopted racism;

To discriminate against someone because of the change of pigmentation in the skin is the lowest excuse to put yourself above someone else;

Not registering, that we, as people are people, & shouldn't be characterized by the color of our skin;

Deep down inside, whether we realize it or not, we relate to each other, but because of the fact that we judge others from the outside, we will never find out how compatible we can be, together as one;

We are not willing to work for ourselves, but believe its righteous to take advantage of someone else, to fulfill our selfish wants;

In the end, not building up the skills to provide ourselves for the rest of our life, which results, in the dependence on someone else for all eternity;

The lack of human common sense has affected the majority;

Not comprehending that common sense is the basic survival instinct that needs to be acquired to succeed;

We have a wrong image of what love is supposed to be & what it consists of;

Giving out our bodies in hope of establishing something other than lust;

We depend on drugs & sex to fill up the meter of our self esteem , but don't realize that all it causes are broken hearts, empty minds & an appearance of our real personalities;

Not only you, but I am included in this too;

I have my temporary complications also, thus, the term we;

So we as intelligent, talented people need to take a stand & project to the world what we believe in,

Instead of hiding beneath the shadows of our our alter-egoes;

When this occurs, the world will finally become a better place because we will no longer lie in the recesses of darkness ,

but will be protruded into the light of truth & reality.


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