Here am I, as happy

Here am I, as happy as can be!

For I live in a villa, with chariots, leaves of illusion, and precious treasure from Ophir.

Oh! How I delight in my many luxuries!

And there, rest my darlings, who come from very far.

For the labor of gain to me is to sit and delight.

For who needs labor, when already you have many things?

I cross down the street to go to the palace with women so bright.

My confectionary of sewed cotton gets me there, for as long as I have it, good it brings.

Come my queen! Sit with me in my velvet chariot, with the speed of 500 horses.

We shall make our spirits merry and drink the dew that will leave our heads mourning!

Let us lay at the castle that has many courses.

Of whom shall I fear? It makes me invincible and puts on me plastic crowns meant for adoring!

I sold my soul for gold, and here I sit in darkness, inconceivable. My glory existed not.

Good I have not done, but good shall I do. Gather the poor and gather everything I got.

This poem is about: 
Our world



i hope you enjoy this poem i wrote about the broken fame of the world

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