Affection, perspective, wisdom

Been looking for affection

at a rich man’s resurrection

found plenty of gold

but little introspection

His friends cry crocodile

and the family’s lamenting

focused on the parts of his fortune they’re getting

I’ve stuck inside for a while

watching the grandson beguiled

by the young secretary

distributing the obituary

You’d think knowing he’s coming back

would reassure those crying quacks

But they’re grieving the lost income

than a returnee from the upper kingdom


I’ve been seeking perspective

at an academic collective

never met so many egos

or objectives so subjective

The men are slovenly slaves

that eye their students brave,

for weaknesses to extend their stay,

the mental and physical enslaved.


Don’t worry sirs, the one thing I know

is that the institution is uninterested

in stopping your private peep show

Long as you show them grant money

they’ll keep sending you flesh honey.


I’ve searched for wisdom

at a newborn’s baptism

a few tried to convert me

but I’m full of skepticism.

The pious ones are damned to Earth

hoarding what’s left from the poor.

I hope one day they realize their spiritual worth

isn’t derived from the size of their hoard.

Funny how small men turn small gains

into holy war.

The references are filled with anecdotes.

The dedication leads to pillage,

small village roasts.

The soul-searching truths lay waiting

A God adorned, but teachings forsaken


The journey from my home kingdom

To find affection, perspective, and wisdom

Has found instead

A wake of crocodiles

A brothel of the bought and beguiled

An army of blind defilers


Please, send me down a better path

to find the answers that I seek

or else written on my epitaph

be these final things that I have seen.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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