A World Without $


What would the world be like if there was no such thing as money?

Would it be a better, simpler life?

With no greed; no killing or fighting to be rich?

How would it affect everyday people?

Would poverty be nonexistent? With no one being thrown out on the streets because they can't pay their bills?

With no homeless shelters or people sleeping on benches?

Would college be within everyone's reach, no matter their background?

Could all people own what they desire?

Would a mother be released fom her everyday worries?

Where her child asks for a toy, and the first thing that doesn't come to her mind is, "How much is it?"

Or, "Do I have enough?"

Where a bright, warm smile spreads across her face instead of deep, familiar, worry lines?

A smile because she is happy. Happy to see her children happy and know that she can bring a smile to their face. Happy to know that she can always provide for them and herself. Happy to not have to worry about bills and other expenses that we have to deal with now.

I wonder,

What was the world like before money was invented? Not just the dollar bill, but all forms.

Was life easier than it is now?

Could people gain what they wanted without money worries?

Were "money worries" even real? Or just a phrase that was not known, and unnecessary to know?

Maybe that is how money will be seen in the future: unnecessary. But I highly doubt it.

With how we live now, it may be too late for us to go back to moneyless times. Money has already consumed a majority, maybe all, of the world.


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