What do you stand for?

This is the daily grind
time we don't want to find
so full it will destroy your mind

The pencil is blind
white paper all lined
with tape we are kind

Said destruction self inflicted
the masses they are addicted
average minds oh so afflicted

With yellow  lines they are restricted
creative mind is to be evicted
this story's end is just as predicted

with a slow and steady pace
we run a never ending race
identity by numbers not by face

these finger prints to easy to trace
this heart shaped hole an empty space
giant guns in hand they lace

going as far as the end of time
skew the surface cover up a crime
charge us a dollar for every dime

Our bread contains the grime
DNA dipped in radioactive slime
the only real numbers are prime

to begin again is to lie
to fall in line is not to try
to keep on fighting is to die

Give me liberty or give me death
no better words have used such breath
only a man whose words have never slept

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My country
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