A Talk With My Conscious

A talk with my conscious


He like me

I like him

Ahhh, no I don't

He's always on me.

Giving me hugs

What's wrong with that?

I don't like him

Or I'm not sure

Yesterday he gushed and said hi to me

All flustered….

I blink and said


I walked out the room

Today he ignored me

Flat out didn't even look my way

That bitch

That idiot

That motherfucker

I want him to give me attention

Blush over me

And be at a loss for words when he see me

"Go home Roger!!"

I tell him, rejection he faces again

Maybe he's tired of chasing and waiting

Again I'm alone.....

It's a carousal

A merry go round

I'll try to get his attention tomorrow

Why do you like his attention?

But disregard his feelings?

Because I am a sick twisted bitch

That want for someone to gravel for my attention

To pick me up,

Place me on a pedestal

Without working for it


That's why

Why don't you like him?


He's too skinny

His butt's too flat

His voice is too high pitched

His head is too odd shaped

His muscles are too small

His eyes are too big and bug-like

Are you perfect??

No, but what does that have to do with anything?

I want my dream man

Tall, dark and handsome

Educated, determined, funny, intelligent

Friendly, rich, wonderful, lovely, awesome

What do you want?

I do not know what I want

I want for him to be my little toy

That I can play with

Whenever I want to





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