Forbidden Love


As I look onto the ocean blue,

All I can think about is being with you.

Separated by the land and the sea,

All I want is for you to be with me.

It is a simple want that I beg,

I would even give up an arm and a leg.

If this meant I could see you once more,

That sweet face that I truly adore.

I would cross the lands filled with green,

All of them that lay in between.

I would sail across the seven seas,

All I beg is if you would please.

Push aside the tremendous cost,

I will make sure you are never lost.

I cannot further endure any aspect of life,

If I could I would make you my wife.

I lose you with the passing of time,

To get you I would commit any crime.

My sweet jewel that I seek,

Without you I am truly weak.

I love the many faces with which you appear,

Even though my past wants caused you to disappear.

With you I never seem to act proper,

Since you're dressed in green, silver, and copper.

And finally I call you by your blessed name,

For you are money that will give me fame!








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