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Why do the good men get the bad luck?

Not moving cuz they all stuck

Going down stead a up

With not a person to love

Cuz being kind

All the time

Just ain’t good enough

You’ll get thrown out with the other stuff

Blown away by big guys actin’ tough

Shame life is now outta puff

Though you’ve taken the smooth with the rough

Now you guys are like “so what?”

There just isn’t any use in trying

When the bad guys do all the hiring

Those who’re stabbing people’s backs

Getting through to fast track

Right to the top, no looking back

Whilst I’m stuck with the old pack

Whose boss is full of crap

Cuz the good ones who ain’t as bad

Are the needles in the haystack

All I gotta say say is damn

Why am I getting all the setbacks?

It’s unjust

Be bad or bust

What are we hurting each other for

The world is poor

The human race is so sore

No compassion anymore

Why is it all so unjust?

I’m the boy with the crooked smile

Can’t look in the mirror, reflection’s vile

Causing me to spit out bile

Leaving grown men running a mile

Cuz people they just judge on style

So if your face ain’t flash n’ wild

You’re gonna go nowhere

For a while

Don’t care if inside you’re fire

As long as the outside’s mild

They just don’t hire

How on earth did it get this dire?

No one looking for character

They’d rather you’re a liar

Or have a rich father

Otherwise it’s so much harder

Getting noticed by those in power

It’s unjust

One side living it up

The other dying for love

Of a home or cause

Not believing in wars

But it’s been forced with no remorse

Why is it all so unjust?

Trying to do things right

Still they turn out wrong

So I end up writing songs

Bout’ how my life is too damn long

A marathon people finish

But I simply ain’t that strong

My mind is all gone

Thinking bout’ how the system’s so dumb

Rewarding the greedy ones

And plain thugs

Patience and care are shit outta luck

Never had a reason to get my hope up

Cuz it seems to me

That the air we breath

Is only clean for the mean

No wonder we’re all green

With envy, cuz it seems

Like our lives are so lean

Got more losses than wins

Get treated like a has been

Even though I’ve tried avoiding sin

I’m still searching for a place within

This life of mine, hope I’m not wasting

My time as I’m busting

a gut, trying to get out in front

But the race is so long

I’ve forgotten what I want

So I leave the prize to pretty eyes

I move over cuz it’s glamour time

Focus on the glossy lips and swaying hips

And guys who look like movie stars, but shit

Is that all of it?

I thought there was something more than this

Turns out the girls n’ guys

Who look like lies

Turn out happy n’ rich

It’s unjust

Guys in a rush

Looking with a lust

For the things which they desire

They push and shove

For what they want

Never considering the need of others

Why is it all so unjust?


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