Sleeping soundly in their beds

children rest their little heads

but what lurks beneath their beds?

creepy creatures from places you dread?

Their sure to give you the most wonderful scare

to raise every single hair


Monsters don't just lurk in the shadows

They walk within a crowd, living in a Vail of mist

Yet this story quiet come to its twist

for the worst monster that ever lived...

is inside the mind of the smallest kid

Inside the hearts of girls and boys

that beg and plea for useless toys

'Tis greed that make the monsters thrive

and hatred that fuels its unearthly drive

But tell me is it truly bad

to have a drive,

It is sad.

to know that you all think this way

How could i convince you?

What could i say?

Perhaps that a drive brought us here,

A time where machines fly through the air

Where man have made it to the moon,

Sadly, I must go soon

For, I am the drive that lives in you

Your night mares over,

                                          See you soon.








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