Solid Gold


United States
45° 11' 27.0708" N, 93° 18' 2.6928" W

People all caught up on diamond rings
Showing up in all those shiny things
Man, I just wanna meet someone who owns their things
Instead of putting them on pedestals, under crowns, like kings
To worship the almighty power of the bling
Like all will be better as we cling
To that which will torture us
To invade, rape, & pillage our fortress
Leaving our mind, body, & soul blank & unvictorious
But man I look good so how can it be dangerous?
We're all fools, falling for the attack
Fighting about brands, not even happy to have a shirt on our back
Man this is just ridiculous
It's making all these thoughts for us
Which are too strong to even really feel the loss
But hey man just one of those things
I could be wrong, just waitin' 'til the fat lady sings
To end this song about what a society brings
When it praises shiny rocks & rings


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