wanting, a simpler form of greed.

greed is seen as a sin,

but for you, my dear, id count every sin and smile at them.

id revel in what ive rightfully earned

because no one can have it.

no one.

youre all mine,

and must i remind you that demons dont share.


but seeing greed as a sin is also nearly selfish to those who cant find love,

because they dont realize the things theyre truly missing out on.

and i assure them that if they felt the same love that i have they would gladly stoop to the same depths as i,

just for one more kiss.


one more kiss,

one more soft kiss that slowly becomes more rough as that one kiss leads to another, and another

as your hands wrap around my waist,

and pierce my lungs so that i might never catch my breath.

and as i kiss your soft, rosey skin my fingers find their way from your lower back, up along your spine, past your broken wings that i could never seem to be able to mend, around your shattered ribcage, and into your chest where i took your heart.

i took your heart, out of greed.


i stole an angels heart, so that they might never be able to leave me.

i stole an angels heart, so that i might be able to understand just how easy it is to love a creature like me.

i stole an angels heart, out of fear, and now i only fear the punishment i might receive.

but for you my dear, id face the devil himself to make sure you stay safe.

because you mean so much to me.

because you are light

you are light


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