I'm Greedy

I'm greedy;

     I know it;

          I quite like to show it

And although my dear mum might describe me as seedy

Deep down she just knows that I am very greedy.


I give gifts.

     I throw showers

          And knit scarves for flowers that give me a lift every morn

But when I am gone they complain of their thorns.


I give hugs.

     I give kisses.

          I pass out good wishes like dollar tree ceramic mugs

Which leave heart-breaking shards on my rugs.


I hold parties

     And socials

          That betray the notion that old greedy me might be nice.

So I load up their cocoas with spice.


I am greedy.

     I know it.

          I quite like to show it

Though it hardens my nerve ends like ice.

But dear, after this Winter,

     That sounds very nice.

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My family
My community
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