The Downfall of Jack and His Beanstalk

Tue, 07/18/2017 - 18:20 -- Kdowlen

He had nothing but a fistful of hope

Hope sewn in the dirt, watered by his mother’s tears

Hope. It would give them everything or nothing.

But, it was a risk they were willing to take.


The magical light of the moon shined through the night

To bring Jack a beautiful morning gift.

Into the endless sky it rose,

The product of Jack’s sewn hope


Green, strong, full of life.

The only way was up,

So he climbed.


A palace, greater than he had ever seen.

Guarded by a giant fiend.

But with hope came courage,

And with courage came greed.

Jack stole from the palace, not one time, but three.


His father’s death avenged,

And a few rewards more.

Jack did not know, what his future had in store.


Down came the beanstalk

Giant and all,

But more than expected was destroyed by their fall.


When all the dust cleared, Jack looked around.

His greed, caused by, courage, caused by hope,

Had destroyed his whole town.


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Our world


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