An Inhumane Crime


Education is my love, to embark on a journey of truth revealed

Understanding the facts and using those facts in life to change the world

Sadly, education has become a means of excessive profit

Hear me out before you discard this

Education is so important that it has become “necessity”

Universities have become universal

Everyone needs to show they have learned something to gain equal opportunity

Once this is done they can pursue their life goals and change the world

This is the dream!

Since education has become a universal necessity, people realize there is a profit to be made

Universities design their twenty thousand dollar “lesson plans”

In reality, one learns as much reading the textbook independently and discussing it with others

If I am paying twenty thousand dollars for a “lesson plan” and mostly opinionated discussions

Then something is wrong!

The price of college has gone up more than the price of gas yet we conform to the greedy

And complain about the latter.

However, the world requires this “degree” in order for it to consider change

This “degree” shows that we meet some standard of knowledge which the world accepts

Nonetheless, whether or not knowledge or intelligence can truly be tested is still a heated debate

Is the standard of a University diploma even a reliable measurement?

Should it be accepted by society as easily as it is?

These are valid questions!

Nonetheless, we require this University issued paper in order have opportunity

Since this the case, I pursue that degree that one day I might change the system which I criticize

It is difficult to “slam” the means I desire to change the world by

But nonetheless I “slam” not education, but the institutions

I am not saying education, knowledge and truth are not fruits of the institution

I am saying that the institution is not the only means of obtaining these fruits.

The institutions have become the monopoly of education to society

In reality, education cannot be contained to an institution; it is too grand of a thing.

Institutions often take advantage of this lie

Therefore I “slam” the institution and society buying into the lie that

Only institutions can educate

I’m not asking for governmental financial help that will only feed the problem

I’m not even asking that they stop making a fair profit,

However, I am asking that you stop being greedy,

Truth, knowledge, and education are not things to abuse in the name of greed.




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