Take Me or Leave Me

We all have a meaning to be in this world.

What is mine?

I am not so sure yet, but I intend on finding out soon.

Soon, everything will be different. I'll be going away from those who have loved me in my darkest times. 

To those who might not even remember my first name.

Growing up means that you want to be successful. I want to be successful.

What if colleges don't want me?

"Hold your head up high princess," which is what my father said. "They'll be missing out on the girl who can postively change their lives, like you changed mine"

My inspiration, how will I survive in the future without my inspiration. College is my dream, and without my father, my inspiration, I would not have made it this far.

So now I say, to all of you Colleges. Choose wisely, a student that could be applying this second, could change the way you look at things. It may not be me, but it may be someone else.


Need to talk?

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