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Love is beautiful when is mutual. I am content because my heartbeat rhymes with yours. As the sun begins to wane I Watch distance growing between me and you.
This is all very scary to live through Covid is causing so many bad things Catching the virus is easy to do What horrible sickness Covid can bring
This is all very scary to live through Covid is causing so many bad things Catching the virus is easy to do What horrible sickness Covid can bring
This is all very scary to live through Covid is causing so many bad things Catching the virus is easy to do What horrible sickness Covid can bring
This is all very scary to live through Covid is causing so many bad things Catching the virus is easy to do What horrible sickness Covid can bring
This is all very scary to live through Covid is causing so many bad things Catching the virus is easy to do What horrible sickness Covid can bring
This is all very scary to live through Covid is causing so many bad things Catching the virus is easy to do What horrible sickness Covid can bring
The one to nurture and give love The one to hold you when times are tough The one who's supposed to be there no matter what    But where were you? 
I gazed upon the darkest sky and then I saw -- The stars. They flash like fiery embers through and through -- To east, to west. They're everywhere. To north to south Like precious jewel there, so distinct and rare.
As I lay to sleep it's as if I see my future, I'm sitting in a masion, with 2 kids, and a husband. It's s if im really here, and this  is really my life I run multi-billionare business, and I can finally say,
Little bird outside my window How are you not beat? You stand on but the weakest branch Yet sing a melody so sweet.
I forgot I am a girl, Every action of mine is noticed, Every step I take is decided by others. I forgot I am a girl
Oh America the great ,  I hope it is not too late  To say this to you  Please don't sue  but I've come to sate  We need you oh America the Great  For our greatness is overshadowing our humanity. 
The world is melting The air is thin The streets are filled with bloodshed Animals are crying  Plants are dying The world will never be safe again People seek hearts People seek comfort 
Innocent Small Helpless   Innocent Small Helpless   Innocent Small Not-so-helpless
 I remember like it was just yesterday I was a little girl,In the sunshine, running up and down ,Turning mud into walls,Skipping and falling,Laughing,Crying,All I did was play,
I don't know if this shadow really belongs to me anymore I mean, this use to belong to a confident girl who was sure  with every step she took, it took her one step closer to her desires
Why did you leave? I just want some answers please.You left me that day with nothing to say and you expect me to move on like nothing went on ..
Tell me again, your sweet sinister liesCross your heart and hope to die.Tell me again how she was only a friend,Only one kiss that's the end.Tell me again why you sneak out at night
Percs and molly in my casket so I can roll in heavenGet a bad bitch up out of Magic, need a ho in heavenI need me a TEC and I need me a stick, have a shootout with the devil
Percs and molly in my casket so I can roll in heavenGet a bad bitch up out of Magic, need a ho in heavenI need me a TEC and I need me a stick, have a shootout with the devil
I'm an open book, one you cant figure out. Read between the lines, then will you see what I'm about. It's funny how you guessed it, but still lost the deeper message. I'm the me
developping my thoughts in an abstract way is how i really feel. it's not just happy or sad or angry or tired, it's like a symphony of violins or waves slapping the shore
I walk my path straight, I do no falter or deviate. My eyes are fixed on my horizon, My eyes are fixed on my state.   Close mindedness struck me a deadend, For my way never turned and never did bend,
PoemsProducePersonalPower By:VeeN Poems give us space Opportunity to Feel impowered And Gives us strength  And Feel at peace with ourselves     
Being sound asleep was blissful, Ignorance prolonged my dreams, My patriotism was my pajamas, Engraved in every seam.   The idea of my struggle coming to an end 30 years before I was born..
We all know the classic story of Cinderella,
I grab my covers in a fist my fingers devouring the softness I sink more into the bed feeling so restless I dont want to leave my bed, this is a mess   I think about school
There are so many meanings of poetry Your definition can not be same as mine   It means telling a story Because everyone has a story to tell   It means imagination
You see We All Have A Story To Tell ..
My first start, with the art of poetry, was the furthest thing from stark, a small weakling, never inspired, always the same although i desired, to be a big name, from the depths i would rise, and overcome,
Hate never silenced her wordsAnd compliments never brought about changeAll she ever did was binge and purgeBut her mind remained tainted and strange
If we actually lost our times, Lost memories, faded pixels on glossy paper, Shattered glass on the floor,  the love of time grasped me and fell to its death,
In the spring,  the flowers  do not doubt they will bloom.   Just as salmon, do not doubt
I need I need I need I NEED I need a mirror Not to stare at myself and drool over my supposedly good looks Which is false Or to use to better my looks for no one to see
All I need is success, this means I want to succeed. In whatever I do, I want to make sure I can make a difference. I would say all I need is poetry but I’m pretty sure you knew that already.
I wish I could say that all I need in  life is a simple song But you're my only melody   Tea at twelve AM and a car ride dignify you and the city lights beaming past the glass window
Would it be corny if i started with a Beatles quote? “All You Need Is Love” fills me with so much hope Because I’ve never been truly in love So this idea sounds like a gift from up above
I’d take only a bookThe one with all my memoriesWith only one lookYou could see all of my miseries Happiness and sadnessI’ve been through it allIt’s almost a madnessI was always so small
Among the palm fronds and the trees The sand wet with the salt water, both that lapping at the island And that streaming from my eyes Muscles, weak with exhaustion, falter
 she's always my go to  in times of need. better than tv  or a good book to read. she'll keep me company  when I'm happy or sad. oh how much I need  my sweet friend Sydney 
I fell from the heights, I drew to the land, To the desert of Frost’s past making,           (so cold, so dark, so lonely) Closer  Closer Closer,
Is it just me, or has life kinda lost its sense of  euphoria? Like its become mundane in a way? I mean ,like, it's a beautiful day
There is an ocean before me, Waves dancing and touching, As if they were old lovers, Their romance grand.   The breezes are soft, And they kiss my skin, Then leave me once more,
All I need is the wind in my hair, Sun on my face, Sand on my feet.   The worries of life, Of love, Of loss, Fading far behind me.   All I need is a book in my hands,
Piano Girl   Hitting the keys with the power my fingertips My mind spins The sound flutters my heart   A piano
60 Minutes Left Woah, that little girl has got power in her lungs, go you. 52 Minutes Left Inhale -- Cold, crisp, the kid in front of you has nachos...
My cracked lips define the need to eat something salty or else collapse At this point I am delusional and unaware of how much time has lapsed  The large blue panorama that defines my surrounding space
I am at a loss of what to do. I'm trapped in this unknown place And I'm very sacred. ''What's going to happen to me? Will I be okay?'' Are the thoughts ringing through my head,
I don’t remember how my grandmother and I were locked out of our house. But I do remember the clammy-handed thunderstorm
sinking in the sand blistering heat burning soles   clockwork rising assured as the waves lapping   acid salt, and sunburned dreams persistent    glancing up
I was blank. A colorless existence with nothing more than a mere outline to hold my soul steady, An outline child only a mother could love. I was the grey cloud that floated behind every rainbow, 
In my life HE opened my mind And gave me a gift To keep close to heart the gift of knowing what my eyes can’t see What my ears can’t pick up
Before my first breath, I attended class Listening to voices and what they said Words too complex for my understanding Yet their inflections and tones stirred within Little did I know, I’d find a career
I read a book once. The woman swam to the depths of the ocean Because she lost herself.   She lost herself in the midst of what everyone thought she should be.
As lovely as a song, that makes my belly sing along, is a triple layer lasagna with 3 layers of pasta.   Four layers of bubbling cheeses, and sauce; that can appease, to much ease,
Dear Hatter, Mad Hatter How does one keep their head from such shatter? So lost, I’m lost In a world made of tatter. Dear Hatter, Mad Hatter How will I survive from such batter? So lost, I’m lost.
This is America. It is the land of the free. It is the land of the opportunity. My parents touched this soil not for themselves, For it was too late for them, But for me. For my brothers. This is America.
Between the pages, among the ink Among the open-eyed nights Unfolds a world that curls and kinks and twists in lengthy delight Nestled in a mantle of tone Bestowed upon the eye
The ocean is a dark place Sea full of wonders, yet filled with unused space The way the moon bathes in the light of the sky And quickly disappears into the silence of the night
It's in a void, the darkest, quietest part of the human mind I finally understand the importance of the noise. I finally hear the currents of life around me, through me, under, above, left, right.
I am in love with what nature gave me The ultimate gift One that will never be put in the trash or given away It brings me joy, creativity, and life
  Dear Sister Beautiful brown-eyed babe Burst into my life I was only ten And you An unexpected sacrifice  
All I need is her presence If I were to be stranded I would not be abandoned   All I need is her presence I would fear no island Whilst laughing and smiling   All I need is her presence
It’s difficult Living in a world that’s constantly changing Constantly developing new ideas That want to enter your mind
“All I Need “   A world without compassion Is not one worth living in. “The world doesn’t care,” some say. But I do.
The water that cools my heart, The fire that burns in me,  Oh why can I not see For thou my life is marked?   For though in the rhythms of life The schisms will cause strife, 
How shall I explain?I take in his presence as a woven basket, enclosed are fragile itemsand I’m determined to keep them intact.Overbearing some may some,protective others.
I lack the wisdom to survive these waters... My life... was a cycle I drift on a pale blue raft into a black abyss My mental complex intrigues me Allowing me to watch and observe
Have you ever thought to yourself, What is next? You cross the finish line, And you feel perplexed.   What's my purpose? What is my new goal? Those are the questions,
Her mind lives in a beautiful oasis, A bright blue ocean, vast and lively. Filled with terror and past experiences. Roaming the halls for security.
My culture is influential, I stress the second, Because the media flies’ habit to popularize my Culture makes me question the impact of my Reflection.  
I can live without air, And I can live without food. I can live without water, And I can do without gravity too.   But words? How could I live Without words?  
A Krazy Kahlo and Picasso By Lauren Ward   All I Need Is a Painting. A Picasso. Or maybe a Frida Kahlo.  
All I need is my family For those who are important to me All I need is their love For it comes unconditionally All we need is eachother For we can achieve supremacy and love others Unconditionally
Love at Sea   As I was walking down the beach I felt the hot sand on my feet The land was tropical and the heat was hot The sun ruined everything until it would rot  
I apologize if the video (link above) is slightly out of whack. I've never done this before! :)   if the sun could go out like a light switch
What more is there to say-I’ve never found so much comfortin a white page.I bare my mind to you.I wring out the juicethat poisons my spirit,that prevents my sleep.And as it splatters on your canvas
A symphony of harsh voices rushes to her body. Each more beastly than the last. They shout, they scream, they rip her up. But they don't know about her past. A broken beauty still so fresh,
What if I were stuck on an island, All alone? What is one thing I need? Love. Love is one thing I need. I need to feel loved.
¿Qué es la música? Sonidos. Palabras. Arte. Palabras con sonido – arte en todo su esplendor. Hay más de lo que uno se imagina. Detrás de cada canción, cada sonido Hay un significado oculto.
Without Writing What would there be? No records.  No stories.  No reading at all. I Write for me but more for those who will listen. Those who care. Those who have not been abducted by society and technology.
Do you know what it is like to Lay. Completely. Still.In. A. Quiet. Room.Exploding?Words burn and bounce across the trampoline that seems to be my brainI know that I have a disorder. That I have an unnatural voice inside my neurons. But. I.
And in the darker hours, My chest the nest of a skinny baby bird struggling to beat its fragile wings, I am biting my fist, Loathing you, Loathing me. 
You ever wonder why something is the way it is?
On an island with nothing, Most people bring things, Make-up to be stunning, Or an iPhone for Bing, But I would bring determination, And a strong set of skills, Maybe collect rainwater for hydration,
To Live Without Feeling, Is Something I Simply Cannot Do Tingles discovered by a brush of the hand Softness felt, that of which comfort held
I always wake up with a dreaded feeling inside Knowing that today could be the day I die Because you see, I don't have the luxury of going through life Wondering what it would be like to not have something by my side
Words that are translated from paper to song, Melodies and beats that just play along, In any language, to and fro, Music is my world and that I know.   Pop in those headphones,
The beat fills my soul as I listen to the rock n’ roll I turn the radio up louder as my body turns to powder The music courses through my veins and I can relate to its pain
The sand. The sun. The pain. I laugh, sing then I cry and in passing moments hope to die. Honor and pride aside, there is no shame.   A bird glides by but thinks of it a game.
We don’t talk a lot about ears, do we? They’re seen as simply the masses of flesh attached to the sides of newly Formed heads at birth Not seen in most respects as something of worth and yet
Standing right beside me, never losing a step, Is the One whom I need, the One who never left. I could speak of His goodness, or even his greatness, But the one thing of which I could never speak, is His lateness.
Something in these walls- Intangible yet present Below the floor falls As I fall in tandem- Hands grab me away Clutched out of harm Back again silhouettes stand around me Taking shape they help me Little by little their faces appear Just as I lear
The musician who sits alone, Counting, counting, every Beat, 1, 2, 3 - 4, 5, 6 - A raise of an arm, A light turns on, 1, 2, 3 - 4, 5, Breathe - And Life begins -
All I need? I guess when it boils down to it, The bare bones, when everything else is stripped away Are just... Words. The words that both anchor me And set me free   Without the words,
(To My Dearest Friend) If I lay here, would time slip away? Would the sun shine brighter than any other normal day? Sometimes I do pray to see you again to repay All the wrong things that I say
They called me crazy; Maybe I was, is, am. No,  I was simply prepared.    Those existential little questions of what would you bring, Would you bring this, or that, or the other,
Im stranded on a deserted island with me myself and i Thinking of who i need with me now but i cant think of anyone but me myself and i
The very thing that'll drive me mad I will undoubtedly wish I had With the cerulean waves crashing on the cave This will keep me from my grave   What keeps me from my sleep
Gimme a drink that's fresh and cold Gimme a book that's long and interesting Gimme music with an addictive beat Gimme a blanket that's warm and soft Gimme a videogame from my favorite series
I Found You   You were hiding in the inner most corners of my soul Quiet and unnoticed you sat there saying not a word You would never scream or call out for help And the worst part is
What would I take if I was on an island alone? Would I take a life boat that would help me float back to my home? A concreate jungle filled with apes and jaguars 
The thing I need most, Is simply a toast. Stranded far away, from plane and boat.. My mind would wander, my mouth would curse, But I would survive. See why in the next verse  
The Romans would have carved into their gravestones: non fui, fui, non sum, non curo-- “I was not, I was, I am not, I don’t care.”
He was gone and thank god for that My Nicole so sweet you screamed at me you looked me dead in the eye and told me to wake the fuck up this is the world we live in - you said
She is everything to me, I'd have nothing without her My alarm clock, my lunch bell, she's my everyday reminder. There's no love that comes close No way you could compare, no matter how far I go
Stuck on an island with no help in sight Without this person I’d have a terrible plight Whenever there's anything that I need
People are always talking. Meaningless words or words without meaning, it's all the same. TV show anchors are always talking. School shootings or student suicide, it's all the same.
Roses are dead, violets are a taboo, Pineapples are exotic, this poem started off emo Lets raise our spirits so very very high,
All I need? He is all I need. He made the moon, the stars, the sky and even this island I'm stranded upon. He keeps me calm, keeps me sane, bring me back as I begin to stray.
Love is all you need,  At least that's what they say. In my mind it plants a seed;  A reason to always stay. It wakes me in the morning And it kisses me goodnight.  No one thought to give a warning,
I came into this world, not knowing who I was. I could here your cry of joy. I was 5 and admired your smile. I was 10 and you taught me how to cook. I was 15 I was a rebel.
Mommy,  Although I can't live with out you someday I'll have too, Until that day comes I'll  continue to love you. As the youngest it's my job to be here,  Oh mommy, thanks for the listening ear.
Desolated Alone I face the pale murky water The greenish blue reflects back at me I am scared And alone I cling to small promises in my hands Only hoping A mere flame
The nebulous sky,                                                                                                                               veiled in concealment,                                                   
Strip me of my pride, all the lies been synthesize, been over looked,  i been tooked, repromised of my pride. Done in the dark comes to light and a thousand black women march in pain, hoping not to go in vein, 
A life without sight is definitely quite a fright, But surely I would not want to live a life without thought. To be able to create and design, And throw rhymes at the drop of a dime.
That relationship no one wants to desert. You make every excuse to stay….remaining blind to the reason why you should leave.
All I need in this life is Dance   What once was a recreation Has turned simple movements into a celebration Dance demands nothing of myself Dance, however, pleas for some emotion felt
How would I live without you? So thankful I’m not born in my Granny’s days With no cell phones on which I can spare my time. I cannot imagine a day without you From the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep,
What can't I live without? Well this may be hard, without a doubt A person, an object, or even an idea you say? So a friend, a stuffed animal, or even the thought of being on broadway?
What puts butterflies in your tummy, The twinge in your chest, It feels yummy, And you put it to the test?   It`s pure like a dove, Hard like candy. It fits like a glove
You were never normal; your funny faces and your clown jokes Your red nose always hidden in your pocket in case I needed a laugh
I want to shine like a star Go far, to be close to one's old self is too closed Minded, I have a hope, been on the down slopes Now I'm on a roll, I'm sure I have a path
It took that one glance, that split second I looked from the face of my beloved. You sat there; gleaming in the sunlight. I fell for all the ways your sweet scent pulls me in. I had no regrets
Possessions wax and wane. People often fade away. On this deserted island I see it plain: These things don’t matter anyway.   If you ask me what I truly wish,
Dear Sister, Here we are on this island together, All alone and stranded, Thank God I have you by my side Or else I'd be lost. At least I have you to talk to At least I'll have someone to lay beside
An IslandA SeaWould mean nothing to meIf you were far away. All the food in the worldAll the prettiest pearlsWould pale in comparisonTo you.
When I was three years old, And admittedly, not yet very bold, I was given a pink Powerpuff Girls pillow by my parents to hold, It would give me magic powers too I was told,
As long as I have something to do  I won't be blue As long as I have something to do I won't be lost without you As long as I have something to do I won't have a bad attitude
I’m sorry but I’m too stubborn to say it, I know I was wrong but I’m too stubborn to say it.
Quiet in the corner The girl Not me But she could have been So much more than she is now.   Quiet in the corner The boy Crying Never listening To what he has to say.
When asked what I would choose if but one thing, I replied, "How could I?" How could I choose between colors People Planets Birds Bees
Perpetual darkness was all I seeked It was all I knew Ugly hurt shaped my heart And sadness filled my core My insides so full of pain
Just give me good conversation, And I will return three-fold. I do not mean nonstop, interesting topics. Simply, back and forth, looking-in-the-eye, Honest, straight-talk, good conversation.
Enclosed within a lump of clay Molded by Nature's hand And placed within a cage With veins that pump with life Is a voice that cannot speak That cannot laugh or cry or seek A voice that cannot scream
She was stranded, She had lost everyone and everything, She was stranded, She had no food no shelter, She was stranded, She missed her family and life, She was stranded,
Everyone always asks the question "what's one thing you can't live without?" or "if you were stranded what would you want?" It's a little hard to answer that question considering all the things you need to survive.
Around me lies nothing but seaLand is what my toes sink beneathLips salted shut, since I havent brushed my teeth I need someone who needs just me
All I need in my life is my will, You can beat me down,  Break my heart, Tear my psyche, But as long as I have will, I have the power,   This power cannot be tamed,
Act I A tap at the door ... ... ... Oh how your gentle knocking stirs my pelvic floor! I pause my binging, And begin unhinging The door and myself...   Act II
Will money over love me so fiercely that not the winds nor the storms nor the periled terrains could ever keep me from its kiss? Will my gold and silver entrance me with eyes so mysterious
One day a teacher asked me a question. It was one I should have been able to answer in a second I had gone to her desk and stood their with a troubled expression
My sanity is all I need. Being alone and all on this deserted island. I need reasurance that I still have myslef. I need to remember the person I was, and still am. What materialistic things can you possibly need.
When asked what’s the one thing I can’t do without There’s one specific thing that floods into my mind For loving and having her is no doubt The most amazing blessing of all time  
I sit here all alone— In my room— Such a mess. I’m starting to remember all I have to do. I’m starting to think about all that I could’ve done. I’m beginning to fall in that hole I know so well.
A red Mickey Mouse shirt wrinkled, in the back of my closet when I was six smells like cotton candy you gave me, mother
   Not knowing what lies behind the secluded, shadowy, silence The lights chased each other across the walls, Creating a colossus of fear, I held on to from within because All I needed was the cold air resting me to sleep.
I absolutely need my phone  my phone? Yes , my phone !  I just love hearing it rang someone calling asking to hang  My phone is always here for me  when I wanna be alone my phone will let me be! 
You and your words that pierceYou and your skin that bleedsYou and your brokenYour openYour perfect release An escape hatch for my mindAn endless feast for my eyesYou and your curved spineAll I need is you You and your beauty that soarsYou and you
I know that on a deserted islalnd, I would lack hope But one way I'm positive that would help me cope Is the phone I have, but just for the music Despite the cliche, I'd always choose this.
Lost on an island with no place to go, I am thankful for my knife ever so. Hunting, gutting, and surviving is easiest When a blade makes work less tedious. Knives are great for entertaining,
We are all living in a world dark and corrupt A land where you can’t attend college without going bankrupt A place where genuine people are difficult to find
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