The Music of Life

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 20:11 -- Kate_B

The beat fills my soul as I listen to the rock n’ roll

I turn the radio up louder as my body turns to powder

The music courses through my veins and I can relate to its pain

Without music I’d be nothin’, without music I wouldn’t care about a thing


Music is passion and passion is in fashion

From the youngest to the oldest, from the meekest to the boldest

Music is love, music is pain, and music is the one thing that can keep me sane

I would not live without music; life would just be plain old confusin’


Music puts into words the hurt and the pain and makes us free as birds

It tells a story, lets people relive their glory

Music lets people chase their dreams, makes things not as they seem

Music equals power and the radio gets louder and suddenly I know I will not cower


I will not fear the pain but only take from it gain

I will not let my past become a constant cast

I will be strong once more I will refuse to be knocked down to the floor

Again and again by the words of the songs music will be my redemption all night long


I cannot live without music and its cutting edge it consistently keeps me from the ledge

Music speaks in ways that people around you can never say

Music is a constant friend and has helped when on the mend

Style and genre does not matter, because without music; I would shatter.


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