I Am A Gir

Sun, 12/15/2019 - 10:48 -- Tearany

I forgot I am a girl,

Every action of mine is noticed,

Every step I take is decided by others.

I forgot I am a girl

I am a girl 
with all feminine worries 
complaints and objection to all 
just for nothing 
but have something to concern 
sometimes great joy 
sometime intense grief 
Jealous; a woe of my mind 
but patience and kindness are my merits 

Growing by age, I am 
the reason for my father's worry 
makes my mother responsible 
so that I should copy her qualities 
my brothers, my shelter 
I am always depend on them. 
Being my bodyguards of my life 
they got villian image among boys! 

In a society, I am a pride 
to God, a sincere believer 
politely gives my prayers and offers 
worship Him with whole heart 
adore before His glory and power 

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