The Significance of the Difference

Possessions wax and wane.

People often fade away.

On this deserted island I see it plain:

These things don’t matter anyway.


If you ask me what I truly wish,

Above all else and beyond all doubt,

What one thing would I dearly miss?

What can’t I live without?


These two questions are very different,

With varying degrees of thought.

To explain the real significance

Of these questions would be not for naught.


When I think of what I’d miss,

My mind is filled to overflowing,

With things that give me moments of bliss

And people I have the pleasure of knowing.


When I think of what I can’t live without,

And force my heart to be true,

There is no list that my brain does sprout,

The simple answer is “you”.


You’ve been with me for many years,

And many trials you’ve seen me through.

Through death and pain and streams of tears,

To you I have closely drew.


When my father passed when I was fifteen,

I needed more than words in a card.

I needed a pillar on which to lean,

With peace and comfort on guard.


With no father around, I needed someone

To show me the ways I should go.

You stepped in and became the one

To teach me how to grow.


During six months of death, sickness, and depression

My heart was clouded with rage.

I turned on you with all my aggression,

Yet by my side you stayed.


On this deserted island to which I am stuck,

I’m asked what I wish were here.

What I can’t live without, indeed I’m in luck,

Is ever-present and always near.


This “you” of whom I speak, indeed,

Is with me in my heart.

This comforting truth to which I heed:

We will never be apart.


Some call him Savior; some call him friend;

Some do not dare to spell it out.

As long as you know that in the end,

Jesus is the only thing I cannot live without.

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