What can't I live without?
Well this may be hard, without a doubt
A person, an object, or even an idea you say?
So a friend, a stuffed animal, or even the thought of being on broadway?
Maybe something I come into contact with a lot
But also that'll always keep me happy
Therefore I shouldn't say my cellphone because that will not
How about my special bear, johnnie

Johnnie is actually a triple threat!
wanna bet?
he's an object, and in my eyes exotic
He symbolizes a person who bought him
Someone who shined like the sun when the lights were dim
Losing johnnie is like not being able to find Nemo...or Dory

Everyine wants to know why I need johnnie
Maybe because they've never experienced such an attachment the way I did
When I need that person, they were there for me
When the days grew gloomy on a sunny day
They were the sun on that gray day
They challenged my wit
The Mr. Darcy to my Elizabeth Bennet
My instant friend
The Helen Burns to my Jane Eyre

Now the million dollar question is:
Is it the bear I can't live without
Or the special person it symbolizes
The answer to this question, I am without

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