All I Need is an Escape

All I need is the wind in my hair,

Sun on my face,

Sand on my feet.


The worries of life,

Of love,

Of loss,

Fading far behind me.


All I need is a book in my hands,

A cup to my lips,

A blanket nearby.


The pressures of school,

Of grades,

Of peers,

Melting from my mind.


All I need is a song on my lips,

A dance in my soul,

With no one to see.


The duties of work,

Of exhaustion,

And blame,

Would no longer weigh upon me.


For life is a battle,

Existance a war,

And the onslaught is too much to bear.


Day in and day out,

I struggle behind

A mask that says no one is there.


For our world is a culture

Of single invaders,

Whose care is just for themselves.


And the struggle of life,

A barrage of imposters,

Makes me return to my shell.


All I need is a room of my own,

Locked away

Where no one can find me.


Where I go when I'm sad,

I can weep,

I can wail,

And release the emotions that flood me.


For I fear what they'll think

When I show my true self,

So I lock who I am in a cage.


I'll parade with the rest,

The frauds

And pretenders,

A mask who can never engage.


I guess I need more than the wind,

Book or song,

Or a room locked far far away.


What I can't live without is what they represent-

I always must

Have an


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