re: tea

I wish I could say that all I need in  life is a simple song

But you're my only melody


Tea at twelve AM and a car ride

dignify you and the city lights beaming past the glass window

Gleaming your name as a requiem with the stars


You were the stars

You were a mystery

An enigma


But what I've come to know beyond the unknown is that

All I need is you


If nothing gold can stay,

church bells rang this true

while I tried to hold your hue


Profound in darkness, divine in light

Nothing materialized

but a faint and cold goodbye


Down a road not taken, but grieved upon

By mortal souls and eager gods


Now I comply with

Tea in interlude on my dashboard

and an idle car ride, and


I wish I could say that all I need in life is a cherished relic

But all I need is you





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