All I need is you...

Wed, 04/06/2016 - 07:13 -- Als7708

You and your words that pierceYou and your skin that bleedsYou and your brokenYour openYour perfect release An escape hatch for my mindAn endless feast for my eyesYou and your curved spineAll I need is you You and your beauty that soarsYou and your sorrow that drownsYou at your turning pointYour climaxyour burning pointYou and your parables unbound A thousand lives have lived in youA billion dreams you've wandered throughYou and your unchanging truthAll I need is you That sound of rustling in the wind That smell of home sunk deep withinInception when I breathe you inAll I need is you You and your inscriptionMy addiction My heartbeat on a page"To my pearl  Whom I love with all my heart  May these words guide you   everyday." All I need is youMy father's bibleWorn out in pagesBound in leatherBloodstained letters



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