The One I Need

An Island
A Sea
Would mean nothing to me
If you were far away.

All the food in the world
All the prettiest pearls
Would pale in comparison
To you.

Even my music
My notebooks of musings
Wouldn't mean a thing
If I couldn't see you.

If I lost everything now
In any way or how
I'd hope at least
That I wouldn't lose you.

So I suppose I would say
In many, many ways
You are the one thing
I cannot live without.

There was a time before
Though I'm sure now, it's lore
Because how could I breathe
Without you?

Perhaps it seems strange
Or mentally deranged
But a day without you
Sounds like Hell.

Every day that goes by
We at least will say hi
So without it
Life would seem grey.

And although I am sure
That you've heard it a million times before
I cannot stress enough
I love the sound of your voice.

You keep me afloat when I feel like I'm drowning
You make me smile, even when I feel like frowning
I love my possessions, sure
But without you my life would be poor.

So maybe water's important
And without it my life would be shortened
But I'd rather die a week with you
Than live a single day without

And perhaps this is sappy
But you make me happy
And I'm proud to say
I wouldn't want it any other way.

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