Dear Sister


Dear Sister

Beautiful brown-eyed babe

Burst into my life

I was only ten

And you

An unexpected sacrifice


When I first met you

I was on my device

A nintendo DS

Probably in another pokemon fight


Everyone gawked and stared

At the gorgeous thing

Laying right there

It was you

Swaddled in cloth

With little to no hair


But I

I did not look

For I

I did not care

At the time

You weren’t a miracle

You weren’t an answer to my prayers


Months passed by

You were doing alright

Still a nuisance to me

From all the tears you’d cry


Yet, I’ll remember that one night

Mom gave the stink eye

She made me hold you

Made me sing you a lullaby


I felt your warmth

Upon my skin

For the first time

I decided to take it in


I watched the twinkles in your eyes

As they shined bright

Like the stars

In the sky


And as my words

Went with the wind

I realized

That you

You were my kin


So I apologize

For never wanting to say Hi

But please know

That I could not live

If I ever had to say


This poem is about: 
My family
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